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Meet the Founder


Jacqueline Denise, affectionately known as JD, moved to Hoboken in the midst of COVID, July 2020. JD grew up in Boston and would make frequent trips to NYC. She always admired the energy and diversity of New York, so it became a life long dream of hers to call the city that never sleeps home. But, as it often happens, years went by and her dream kept being put on the back burner. Then, someday became one day. She discovered Hoboken, NJ - just across the river with breathtaking views of her favorite city, and decided dammit its now or never! With no job, JD secured an apartment via facebook, sold her car, and drove a Uhaul van down by herself to start her new life, and she's never looked back.

In Boston, JD learned the power of girlfriends and how empowering it can be to hang out with a crew of like minded women who lift each other up and have fun! Even though she knew no one at first, JD was confident that she could meet other incredible women in her new neighborhood who would love to brunch just like her! And voila the Meet Up Crew! Meeting women and creating true friendships in Hoboken, Jersey City, and Manhattan has been a dream come true! 


JD loves a good punny joke, bubble baths, animals (except pigeons), and can quote almost every Disney and Harry Potter movie.



Our History


October 12th, 2020

The Meet Up Crew Facebook Group was Created! 

Simply as a way to connect with other women in the area and see if anyone would be interested in a walk or brunch, JD thought maybe a few women would join a simple facebook group. Well... In just 24 hours over 100 women joined. Nine months later - 1,000 women, and just six weeks after that - 2,000 women became part of the Meet Up Crew.

September 1st, 2021

The Meet Up Crew Website was Launched!

With six events a week and so many women attending them we needed to make sure we were giving every woman, living her best life, the best experience! We created an easier way to sign up for events, schedule events ahead of time and make genuine friends faster!

September 1st, 2022

Happy One Year Anniversary!

What an amazing first year! Completely honored we served over 90 members, and over 200 women who have joined us for an event in the past year. The facebook group has grown to over 3,100 women strong too!


Favorite Past Events

  • Yankees and Mets Baseball Games

  • Rangers Hockey Game - Women's Night (we got to meet women from the Olympic team!)

  • The Rockettes

  • Angry Orchard Tour

  • Friendsgiving

  • Hunters Ski Weekend

  • Coffee morning on Pier A

  • Private Cooking Classes

  • The Met Museum

  • Private Floral Arrangement Class

  • Hamptons Beach Weekend

  • New Paltz, NY Fall Weekend

  • Dinners at new restaurants all over Hoboken, Jersey City and Manhattan

  • All the Jingle Ladies Bar Crawl in Jersey City!

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