How We Got Started


Late on the night of October 12th, 2020, JD was in bed celebrating her first "NYC" birthday. She had just moved to Hoboken from Boston two months prior and been having this feeling that there might be other woman in the area just like her who loved to have fun, be social and enjoy a good adventure (or chocolate croissant!).


So.. on that otherwise quiet 32nd birthday evening, JD took a leap of faith and created the Facebook group The Meet Up Crew. In just 24 hours over 100 members joined. Nine months later - there were 1,000 members, and just six weeks after that 2,000 women had become part of the Meet Up Crew!


The facebook group became so big and so popular that it had to become a website just to keep track of all the events and ensure that the group stayed true to its core values - events where women can make friends in their neighborhood and discover amazing new local places.

How It's Going

On September 1st, 2021 The Meet Up Crew found its new home on its very own website! To ensure we kept having the best of the best women attending our events we opened up the exclusive members membership and it has been a huge success! The women in are crew are absolutely exceptional! When we get together we laugh those deep full belly laughs you only get with your best friends, we've discovered amazing new spots for coffee and food, we've have the best experiences helping the Hoboken Homeless Shelter and meeting the Cowboy Guy in Time Square, and we have truly become genuine friends.

Where Are We Going Next?

Well you know what they say about trying to keep a good thing a secret! You can't! We are so overjoyed that in February of 2022 we are opening our doors to the women of NYC! This has been something we've been asked to do for a while and are so thrilled to create opportunities for women in Manhattan to be able to come together and find their own crew in their own neighborhoods as well! We couldn't just let all the NJ ladies have all the fun right!


We are quite busy now being open in two cities and we're having so much fun! You never know, your city might be next! If you live in another city and wish you a had Meet Up Crew like ours in your neighborhood, reach out! We would love to work with you! 


Our Founder


Jacqueline Denise, affectionately known as JD, moved to Hoboken in the midst of COVID, July 2020. JD grew up in Boston and would make frequent trips to NYC. She always admired the energy and diversity of New York, so it became a life long dream of hers to call the city that never sleeps home. But, as it often happens, years went by and her dream kept being put on the back burner. Then, someday became one day. She discovered Hoboken, NJ - just across the river with breathtaking views of her favorite city, and decided dammit its now or never! With no job, JD secured an apartment via facebook, sold her car, and drove a Uhaul Van down by herself to start her new life, and she's never looked back.

In Boston, JD learned the power of girlfriends and how empowering it can be to hang out with a crew of like minded women who lift each other up and have fun! Even though she knew no one at first, JD was confident that she could meet other incredible women in her new Hoboken neighborhood who would love to brunch just like her! And voila the Meet Up Crew!


Today, JD is an extraordinary event planner (published in Style Me Pretty), and creator of the local comedy show Comedy Jam, one of the biggest comedy productions in Jersey City. She’s a Libra, loves bubble baths, makes a fantastic cocktail, snowboards, and a huge Disney and Harry Potter nerd.