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      The Social Butterfly - for the gal who loves to keep busy!
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      • Local event options 6 days a week

      • Access to a full month of events all at once

      • Access to discounts to local businesses and sports teams

      • Access to local recommendations from everything from nail salons to handymen(or women!)

      • Discounts on ticketed public events

      • Private facebook group to meet and connect with other members

      • +1 to one private member event a week

      • +1 to one ticketed public event per month (at the member rate)

      • An opportunity to make friends with amazing local women without having to do any of the planning or organizing!

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      Who are our members?

      ​Our members are women who live in the areas of Hoboken, Jersey City, Weehawken and now NYC.  We enjoy coffee, happy hours, being active and impromptu afternoons in the city! Many of us are new to the area, have had friends move away, or even recently become single again and realized all our friends were our ex's (the worst!). We are busy with life and dating and work and families and want girlfriends to hang out with, we just don't have the time to plan a night out! Every member is fun, kind, warm, open minded, dependable, and genuine. If this sounds like you, and they type of group you would want to hang out with, girl! we welcome you!

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