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“She can leave all expectations
at the door and
just be herself ”

For the woman who

wants to discard societal

expectations and discover

a place where she can

simply be herself



A community for women from 

all walks of life, careers,

and, backgrounds to

gather and make friends!

Making neighborhoods 

feel like home again


Events six days a week -

Something for everyone!


We are so happy you are here!

Who knew finding friends after school outside of work and family would be so hard! Especially when you've just moved to a new city, or all your friends just moved away (Thanks Covid!) or you are newly single and need new friends who know nothing about your silly ex. 

And raise your hand if you're tired of going to networking events where you have to be "on" the whole time and share your newest five year plan that doesn't sounds like something you borrowed from Mel Robbins (ps love her work!!)? Well my friends, welcome to the Meet Up Crew!

Our crew is filled with women who are fun, kind, smart, funny and beautiful inside and out who want to get together to have FUN! Friends who you can laugh with, tell your silliest stories too and just be yourself with. Friends who will cheer you on, support you and drop everything to grab a cocktail when your hinge date turns out to be a virgin or you messed up the times and they're coming at 11am not 11pm and your house is house a disaster (true story!).


What makes our crew special are the people you’ll meet. Strangers become friends. And friends turn into family. Our weekly calendar of events offers numerous activities across varied interests, so there is something for everyone. We love coffee, brunch, museums, sports events, dinners, happy hours, walks in the park and weekend adventures. But the most important thing we do is lift each other up and bring the best out in each other. Whatever we are doing, we always leave feeling inspired and positive about the world around.


Are you ready to have fun!

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